10 Wedding Planning Magazines that will help you plan the perfect wedding

Imagine a fairytale wedding, but you are overwhelmed by the amount of planning involved. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by this rewarding but intense process. Many excellent resources can help you clarify any confusion. This is especially true for wedding planning magazines that promise to simplify the process, so you are fully prepared for your big day.

It can be difficult to choose the right publication among so many choices. Many brides want to simplify the process and wonder what the best magazine is. There is no perfect magazine for every bride. These magazines are worth looking into.

Bridal Guide

If you only have one subscription to a wedding magazine, consider Bridal guide. This resource is designed to assist in wedding planning. This resource offers specific tips that will help brides achieve their highest goals. These include getting in shape for the big day and planning a wedding within a budget. You can also get some help with honeymoon planning so that you can focus on your next adventure instead of all the wedding talk.


InStyle offers a wide range of trendy ideas for decor and dresses to bring a modern feel to your big day. This publication features a lot of designer wedding styles and ideas from the hottest celebrities. If you’re looking for tips and tricks from the best professionals, you can also learn how to do your hair and makeup on a DIY basis.


Cosmopolitan is well-known for its advice on relationships and dating. It also provides insight into many aspects of wedding planning. These articles are conversational and cover everything related to wedding planning, including colour schemes for the ceremony and bachelorette parties.


Elle is a magazine that showcases modern wedding styling. It offers inspiration for wedding shoes, flowers, and stationery. Even though the magazine does not cover wedding planning, it offers relevant information about topics that may interest future brides. These include trendy updos and size-inclusive fashion brands, as well as cleaning tips for high-end jewellery.


Vogue has been a trusted name in fashion. It appeals to sophisticated brides who want a runway-ready look while walking down the aisle. Vogue has a surprising amount of wedding coverage. There are pieces on bridal earrings and swap traditional flowers for dried bouquets. Perhaps the most valuable resource is Vogue’s registry. It contains helpful hints for almost every kind of couple.

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is full of red carpet inspiration. It draws from celebrity trends and down-to-earth ideas to inspire readers’ creativity. Many articles address planning issues that brides may overlook. Chic wedding tents are an example of how you can elevate your wedding design without losing practicality.


NewBeauty is a combination of education and innovation that aims to change how we see beauty and Style. This magazine highlight advances often overlooked by other publications, such as plastic surgery and dermatology. Although most articles aren’t aimed at brides specifically, they can be very useful during the initial stages of wedding planning when specific changes in haircare or skincare routines can make a big difference.


Every bride wants to look beautiful, so why not use the help of a beauty magazine named after you? Even though articles are not intended for brides, they offer valuable information to help you make your wedding day a success. For example, product reviews and skincare tips will help brides get a natural glow for the ceremony. Makeup information can help brides decide which products to try and avoid. Allure will help you understand the pros and cons of each option.

Style & Life

A celebrity gossip magazine might not look like the right fit for wedding planning at first glance. Life & Style has some great advice for brides. The magazine’s extensive coverage of celebrity weddings will interest Life & Style subscribers. The magazine’s annual roundups of the most notable weddings from the previous year will attract attention.


Although this quarterly magazine is not as well-known as the other titles on this list, it is worth a look if you are looking for wedding inspiration with positive vibes. Gladys is filled with beautiful, high-quality photographs that reflect this optimism. Brides who like to look casually at features until they see something new should find this emphasis on stunning imagery helpful.

You can find inspiration by looking through the top magazines in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It’s impossible to predict when inspiration will strike, so take this chance to read about the most recent developments in bridal fashion.


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