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Wine is relished all across the world. Different types of wines often have a unique taste. Wines are available in different bottles and packaging. The way wine is packed, has undergone a drastic transformation in the past few years. Wine packaging is available in several sizes and shapes.

Kinds of wine packaging

Wine packaging is primarily of three kinds. These are cellophane wrapping, bags for keeping wine bottles and especially designed wine boxes. The major difficulty in choosing the packaging of wine bottles is because of their different sizes, shapes and types. Wine bottles may be very small or quite big in size. Few of them may also have unique shapes. All these aspects make wine packaging a complex task.

Types of wine bottles

Wine bottles are primarily of three types. These are:

  • The burgundy which has an approximate height of 360mm and a base diameter of 90mm.
  • The Bordeaux too has an approximate height of 360mm and a base diameter of 90mm.
  • The Bocksbeutel which has different dimensions when compared with Burgundy and Bordeaux.

Wine bags

They are made from paper and are commonly used for gift wrapping a wine bottle. Wine bags are not very rigid and hence do not offer much protection to the bottle. They are hence not considered suitable for packaging wine bottles for the purpose of being transported from one place to another. However, a major benefit of using wine bags is that they can easily be printed. They prove to be quite versatile and hence can be used to pack bottles of different sizes. Another advantage of using wine bags is that they are quite cheap when compared with rigid wine boxes. Cellophane wrapping proves to be the cheapest amongst the different types of wine bags. Cellophane wrapping may be made attractive by combining with embellishments like ribbons and bows.

Wine boxes

There are three kinds of wine boxes – transit boxes, wood boxes and cardboard boxes. Wooden boxes are most commonly used for gift packing wine bottles. They are expensive when compared with other wine packing options and also occupy a considerable amount of storage space. However, the biggest advantage of these boxes is that they are strong and rigid and hence protect the wine bottles. For all those looking for cost effective alternatives to wooden wine boxes, cardboard boxes can prove to be a good choice. These boxes are cheap, easy to store, strong and also look visually appealing. They can also be printed according to individual requirements.

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