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Rubber stamping refers to the art of using pigment or dye ink for creating patterns.  This ink is applied on patterns or images which are molded or carved on rubber sheets. The rubber is usually mounted on stable objects like acrylic blocks, wood, brick and several others. These rubber stamps are coated with ink and pressed on various media for creating images and patterns.

Types of rubber stamps

There are several kinds of stamps which are easily available. The three main types of rubber stamps include:

  • The ones used for making toys.
  • Rubber stamps used for decorative purposes.
  • Rubber stamps used for official purposes.

Rubber stamp uses

In olden days, a self inking stamp was usually used for business purposes. Nowadays, rubber stamps can be put to a variety of creative uses. They are used quite extensively in craft projects. Over the years, rubber stamping has gained much popularity as a hobby and also as a profession. The biggest advantage of using rubber stamps is that they may effectively be used for creating distinct designs on various surfaces like wood, cloth, paper and several others.

Creative uses of decorative rubber stamps

There are several versions of decorative rubber stamps available. For more decorative stamp options, you may browse through the several available options of rubber stamp by Dial A Stamp. The decorative stamps may be used for home projects as well as in traditional crafts. A unique feature of decorative rubber stamps is that they may be used for creating prolonged impressions and designs on paper and fabrics. The stamps may also be used in decorating scrap books that are commonly used in school projects. Few other creative uses of rubber stamps include:

Decorative purposes

Rubber stamps may also be used in several other creative ways. Few creative uses of them include making patterns on wooden pieces, decorating jewellery boxes, creating birthday and holiday cards, making banners and many more. Most people use them for giving a personal touch to various things.

Creating emblems

Another common use of rubber stamps is in creating emblems for products, companies or groups. They may be used for creating a distinct identity of a business or group.

Creating unique designs on garments

Rubber stamps may also be used for creating unique designs on garments.  Using these stamps, garments may be designed according to your personal taste and preference.

Rubber stamps have come quite a long way from the time they were used for creating family seals on important papers and documents. Nowadays, rubber stamps may be used in a number of creative ways. The multiple uses of rubber stamps have contributed towards increasing their popularity. There are numerous designs of rubber stamps available which may be used depending on the purpose.