Magazine Racks And Holders

A magazine rack is the forgotten home accessory that brings it all together, whether you want to add finishing style to your home or simply want organization.

Cluttered books, magazines and newspapers can create chaos in your living area. Keeping these items contained in a beautiful magazine rack or holder enriches your life by eliminating one more little irritation in your day.

Finely crafted magazine racks are a work of art. Some artists display their talents in wood, leather and iron, creating handmade magazine racks that are a beauty to behold. Styles exist to match any home décor including ultra modern, contemporary, rustic, formal elegance or simple color schemes.

Some magazine racks are so elegantly designed that they double as a centerpiece at your next formal gathering!

Types of Magazine Racks

Magazine holders come in four basic types: the freestanding floor model, the wall-mounted model, the countertop model and the traditional basket type model.

There are, of course, occasional designs that break all the rules and do not fall into any concrete category. Choosing a magazine rack that is right for your home or office often starts with determining which type you prefer.

Considerations When Choosing a Magazine Rack

A consideration when choosing the perfect magazine rack is size. Many magazine racks are specially designed to fit into small spaces, providing optimal storage solutions. Wall-mounted magazine holders come in many different sizes, too. Precise measurements may be needed before you choose a model that is right for your storage needs.

The surface finish is another major factor in determining which magazine rack is best. Will it be used indoors or out? Is washability a desirable characteristic? Do you desire a certain wood stain or fabric that coordinates or contrasts with your current home décor? All of these questions must be considered before choosing that perfect magazine holder.

We’ve taken the work out of shopping online for a magazine rack. Our reviews of top consumer websites and condensed product descriptions help save you time while searching for a magazine rack for your home or office.

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