Organize your Magazines in a holder

Mere buying a fancy magazine holder will not ensure neatness and arrangement of literature. You can stuff it continuously for a week or a month but then end up having clutters and lack of space in the next session.

Steps to organize your magazines

    • Filter – Little tiring yet important to organize stuff filtering out useful literature is essential to keep aside trash. Retain only useful magazines and not every magazine which you might like to look at. For example retain those scrapbook magazines which genuinely help you in your routine projects and are a source of motivation for you. Stock up cooking magazines only if you like cooking and not if you only enjoy looking pictures of cuisines. If you are planning for renovating your home in near future then maintaining home décor magazines is not a bad idea. Magazines on news and current affairs should be preserved chronologically for keeping yourself abreast for competitive exams. Discard the futile periodicals and donate them to some library or hand them to a junk dealer to earn few quick bucks.
  • Arrange – Once you are sorted with your useful pile of literature arrange them in a stylish catalogue holder. You can choose from metallic to wooden or even plastic and stone carved racks. If you want to save the floor area you can select a wall mounting model. Or go on for a rotating or countertop variants. Place the holders as per convenience. You can fix it up in your study or lavatory or place them on your counters or tables.
  • Organizing leftovers a smarter approach – If your rack fail to hold all your collection then you can further reduce you heap. There might be a possibility that you needlessly store the entire magazine to preserve few specific pages. You can simply tear them up from the magazine.
  • Preserving torn out pages – The pages which you have torn can be kept in plastic folders or you can get their binding done for a crisp arrangement. You can scan the pages and store them in your computer database. Or you can simply use your smart phone to click pictures of the pages and save them.
  • Dusting and cleaning – Be consistent to dust your racks. Regular cleaning of holders will maintain neatness and scrap out the useless magazines.
  • Limit your self – Limit your subscription to magazines. You might have subscribed for a variety of magazines but do you actually read them?  Or how many of them are a useful read? Answers to these questions will slash your collection and help you save time and money. Also you don’t need to subscribe for every magazine. There are local and college libraries splurging with similar magazines, why not go there?
  • Substitutes – You can make use of substitutes like internet, television, radios instead of purchasing a magazines based on every theme. The nature of information in a magazine is more or less similar to what you can browse online. The writers are also similar at times. Or you can simply download a PDF or eBook of the similar magazine.

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