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Engagement is a big event for most people. Engagements are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. Most people host engagement parties for announcing engagements. Such parties may be held on a small or grand scale. They may be held at home or a suitable engagement party venue  in Melbourne may be chosen from amongst the various available options. A venue of a suitable size may be chosen according to the budget and guest list.

The success of an engagement party is dependent on several factors, the venue being one of them. It is hence essential to consider few important factors while selecting engagement party venues. Few such factors include:

The party theme

While selecting a venue, it is important to pay attention to the theme of the party. The venue chosen should be such that it complements the theme. An internet search may be conducted to find few good party venues. A suitable one may be chosen based on the theme and other considerations.


Before deciding on a venue, it is advisable to define the budget and estimate the expense for the party. Engagement parties and weddings usually prove to be an expensive affair. This makes fixing a budget all the more important. Defining a budget helps in narrowing down the available options.

Number of guests

While selecting a venue, it is advisable to ascertain the number of guests expected to attend the engagement party. If the number of invitees is more, it is advisable to select a large venue which has a good seating capacity. On the other hand, for a limited number of guests, a smaller venue may be selected.

Drink and food services

Drinks and food form an important consideration while selecting engagement party venues. It is hence advisable to choose venues which offer quality catering services. You may call up various venues and enquire about their menu. It is also recommended to seek price quotations from them.


While choosing a venue, it is important to consider its location. It is essential to ensure that the location of the venue is such that it is convenient for the invitees. The locations which are well connected by various modes of transport may be selected.

Personal visit

While considering various venue options, it is advisable to visit the places personally. This can give a clear idea about the location and the services available at the venue. By visiting the venue, you can check the facilities available and the add-ons that may be required for the engagement party.

There are many options available in Melbourne function rooms by Harbour Kitchen. A suitable venue may be chosen from amongst them for hosting an engagement party. However, before selecting a venue, it is advisable to take into consideration few important factors.