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Wall Magazine Holders Deluxe Rack

These types of wall magazine holders are durable, clear, and designed to tolerate abuses. The racks themselves are created as a singular modular piece through thermoforming. They have rounded corners to and are shatter and scratch resistant. These wall magazine holders can easily handle a multitude of abuses (such as with little children) and still be in excellent shape. The use of PETG plastic means the rack has a clean clear appearance similar to glass. These wall magazine holders generally give the option of showing anywhere from one to twelve magazines at a time. The rack also allows you the option of displaying flyers. Unlike many wall magazine holders that are widely available, a deluxe rack will have a front panel that is bonded using UV glue and UV light for a rugged and durable hold. The edges and sharp corners are rounded to prevent injuries from sharp edge impacts. The font cover is full-sized and prevents the magazines in each compartment from falling out. These wall magazine holders are easy to keep clean since the PETG plastic is resistant to almost all acids, bases, soaps, salts, hydrocarbons, and alcohols found in cleaning solutions. The pocket sizes allow you to place almost one and three-quarters inches of magazines into each pocket.

Wall Magazine Holders Corner Fit

These types of wall magazine holders are designed to cleanly mount in the corner of an office, lobby, or room. An excellent place to use a corner fitting design would be in a business office, medical/dental area, schools, churches, etc. The potential flexibility of the design allow it to be used in almost any location. The corner fit wall magazine holders are built from PETG plastic which is shock and break resistant. This is especially crutial if you are in an environment with elderly individuals or children to avoid injuries. Also keep in mind that the excellent, clean appearance of the corner fit will make an excellent impression to your potential clients. You can choose to display two, three, four, six, nine slots for your various magazines. Each of the slots can hold a 2 inch thickness worth of magazines or flyers. There can be some variation on these types of wall magazine holders. One variation has a two level model with six slots. Another with three levels has nine slots. And still another variation has a long single column with three slots. Most of these types of racks come pre assembled and are ready to be hanged right out of the box. There is no need to drill holes into the rack. Also wall mounting hardware is also included.

Wall Magazine Holders with Cascading Racks

These types of wall magazine holders cascade allowing them you to place up to 36 magazines in a limited space. The pockets are made from cutting edge acrylics which allows viewers easy access to view and browse the collection. These types of wall magazine holders are perfect for doctor/dental offices, and also travel agencies. The rack itself is designed to be modular to adapt to a variety of needs. The cascading racks come in six slot units that allow for expansion as you need it all the way up to thirty six slots or more if you desire. The design of these wall magazine holders tend to be made in European styles. They are however, still available at reasonable prices. The rack itself has a cascading design which is perfect for showrooms or rooms with limited wall space. These types of wall magazine holders are usually able to manage around 18 magazines in 6.5 square feet of wall area, which is three times less than a standard rack. The pockets themselves are high enough to prevent magazine covers from bending and folding, but also low enough for easy access. The easy access is also aided by recessed front panels. The racks themselves are available in several attractive colors.

Wall Magazine Holders Brochure Rack

Brochure Rack wall magazine holders are able to also hold magazines despite their names. They are usually made of solid wood and have a PETG panel which covers the front of the rack. Some models can be either wall mounted or can be used in conjunction with a floor stand. These racks have twelve pockets that can fit a variety of promotional or reading material. There is also an extreme attention to detail. The wooden edges are rounded to prevent injury from sharp edges, and also serves to provide a softer more neutral look to the office or lobby. The racks can be mounted as soon as you receive them since they already come with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. If you chose you can also attach a moveable floor stand to these types of models.

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