We’ve all been to loads of weddings: weddings with the same tacky, cringe-inducing centrepieces and the same chicken-with-some-fancy-jus-not-sauce served up for dinner.

Hitched is taking a stand against the ‘same old, same old’ wedding and wants to inspire you to have a wedding that has never been had before. A wedding that is yours alone.

Each issue of Hitched will be brimming with ideas so creative they’ll make you gasp, design so beautiful it will make you sigh, inspiration to put Martha Stewart’s people to shame and interviews so insightful you’ll feel as though you’ve had a wedding/semi-spiritual-experience. You’ll also find a heap of do-it-yourself tricks that will transform your day from the generic to the bespoke wedding you’ve always dreamed about.

The story behind Hitched

Back when it all began, founder/editor/creative director Renee Douros spent her days designing interiors and planning mundane, corporate events. By night she would devour countless cups of coffee (and a few sneaky ciggies) while working over the weddings of a secret, privileged handful of clients. One day, Renee decided to leave the world of corporate bureaucracy and venture into the big bad world of small business ownership.

Renee treasured her magazines. She loved their smell, their feel and how they looked after a week spent in the bottom of her handbag. So, fed up with the array of generic and uninspiring wedding magazines on offer, Renee dreamt up Hitched.

After meeting Karmin and Jacinda, the duo behind New Best Friend, a creative studio with a reputation for innovative, fresh and thoughtful design that can be seen all over Australia, all three women bonded over an appreciation of the same design and style aesthetics and have come together to bring you Hitched.