Why Worry About The Health And Well-Being Of Employees?

Finding more efficient ways to increase the organizational climate and to get employees to produce more and more is something constant in any company, regardless of its market segment. In this same context, the health concern of employees is very important.

Modern managers are aware of this aspect and, in this way, the promotion of actions and campaigns related to the theme of health and well-being has been gaining space, bringing different benefits to the teams and the institution as a whole.

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Health, Wellness, And Productivity

From a productivity perspective, taking care of the health of your employees can be an excellent idea, as this is a very substantial way to demonstrate to your staff how much the company values ​​”who wears the shirt.”

Moreover, managers may show that they care for their employees as human beings and not just as a workforce.

Commitment to this issue can come in a variety of ways – with timely actions that try to clarify and prevent on-site accident hazards.

Among them, we highlight awareness campaigns and the development of strategies that reduce stress and problems related to it, such as depression, anxiety, panic syndrome, among others.

Benefits Of Caring For Employees’ Health

Now that you are ready to pay more attention to the relationship between wellness and productivity within a company, the time has come to know more clearly what the key benefits of employee health care are. Here are some examples.

Avoid Absences By A Medical Certificate

Any employer, especially with employees under the CLT (Labor Law Consolidation) scheme, has already experienced problems with employees who are absent from work and have a medical certificate. However, when tending to the health of its employees, the tendency is that this happens with a much lower frequency.

Raise Team Productivity

Another of the great benefits of taking care of employees’ health is that this tends to improve the productivity of these professionals. It is practically impossible to be useful if you have any disease or pathological clinical condition, especially if you are worried about medical expenses.

Improve The Working Environment

Healthy professionals, most of the time, will feel satisfied in their work environment, producing much more than those who do not feel well. This brings a much better organizational climate, which helps attract and retain talent, even if other companies offer better financial conditions.

Actual Earnings From The Health Plan

No commitment to the benefit of employees tends to be as valid and recognized as the payment of a health plan. Due to the problems that the SUS faces, with a good idea the possibility of having consultations, examinations and even surgeries easily and quickly brings peace of mind, increases performance and improves the image of the institution.