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Thinking about getting artificial grass installed in your home, but worried about the consequences to the environment? Stop right there! You’ll be surprised to know that artificial grass can help the environment, and we got four points to prove it to you!

One-Off Installation

Thanks to the wealth of professionals available on the market, you will be able to find someone to install artificial grass into your home. And once they’re done, they’re done. The simple installation process means that plenty of energy is saved during the installation process, which means a better result for the environment.

Less Water Is Used

The amount of water that is used to ensure that your natural grass is in premium condition is vast. You water almost weekly (twice a week in the warmer months) and over the year that strikes up a fair bit of water being used to maintain and ensure your grass looks great. But thanks to the elements and materials used in artificial grass, you don’t need to use as much water. Artificial grass only requires minimal water use, so that means you’ll save money throughout the year, as well as saving water and helping the environment.

Save Energy Thanks To Less Mowing Use

Did you know that running your gas mower for an hour produces toxic emissions equal to driving 50 kilometers in a car. That is how bad your gas mower can be. You are basically driving a car over your lawn again and again. Consider then the use of electronic mowers and how much power they chew up from a period of time. The waste of energy to maintain your natural lawn is amazing. So the best bet is to eliminate it all in one go! Artificial turf doesn’t require any mower use, so you’ll be saving plenty of energy throughout the year.

Less Chemicals Used

Following on from less CO2 being used for mowing your natural grass, some point to make is that less chemicals will be used thanks to less turf fertilisers being used. If there is one thing that happens too often with grass is that chemicals rise up from the ground and cause pollute the air. While an one-off now and then isn’t going to hurt, a consistent level of chemicals used means that more chemicals go into the air. So if you take away all the turf suppliers in Perth being used that means less chemicals – and that can be achieved with an artificial lawn in your home!