Welcome to Hitched Magazine.

Each issue is brimming with never-before-seen ideas, inspiration, interviews and insights into the worlds of some very talented vendors doing wonderful things: weddings so beautiful you will hardly believe they were crafted by real brides, and do-it-yourself tricks that will transform a wedding from the generic into the bespoke.

The exclusive, Hitched launch party video

We’re so excited to be sharing this little beauty with you today! It’s a wrap up video of our party and includes interviews from some of our favourite people. Enjoy! x

BTS: ‘Ella Se Abandona’

If you haven’t already grabbed yourself a copy of our first issue we highly recommend you do. Not only because it’s ours and we love it but because there is a beyond beautiful, delicious fashion shoot buried deep within called Ella Se Abandona.

This particular shoot involved a team of eleven squashing into our cars along with an abundance of clothes, accessories and shoes and setting off for rural Victoria, to a hotter than the surface of the sun placed called Cactus Country. Here we encountered 35C + weather and what felt like the entire population of Australia’s blow flies…but it was all worth it (you’ll see what we mean when reading the final product).



Hitched hits newsstands

This means you’ll be able to pop down to your local newsagents and pick yourself up a copy. Check out our Stockists page for your closest retailer. Alternatively, purchase a copy online and we’ll send it to you in a pretty little package! x

Hitched launch

The exclusive Hitched launch event was a stellar affair with the crowd of 130 enjoying wine, 50’s diner inspired canapés, school-prom esque décor, a delicious candy bar and a venue bathed in pink and gold. Partygoers included contributors and VIP’s who let their hair down after months of hard work putting the first issue together.